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The following is a list of TV series which have featured homages, parodies or references to the Twilight Zone.One of the most legendary series of TV history has to be The Twilight Zone, which mastered the art of anthology television.

It ran for two seasons on CBS before producing a final season for syndication.This year (2009) celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of a classic television series: The Twilight Zone.

The is an overview of the first season of the original The Twilight Zone TV series which ran from 1959-1960, airing 36 episodes.It ran for three seasons on CBS before producing a final season for syndication.A color version of the opening was later used for Twilight Zone: The Movie.

CBS's new Twilight Zone reboot will be a cross between a

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See also The Twilight Zone, Television anthology episodes, American television episodes by series, The Twilight Zone (franchise).The sci-fi series is a reimagining of the original Rod Serling TV show, which ran.

Black Mirror is often hailed as The Twilight Zone reboot of our time, but now the creepy sci-fi series itself is coming back for another generation, courtesy of Get Out and Us mastermind Jordan Peele.It remained clear, however, that Twilight Zone was past its prime, and when the series was renewed for a fifth season in the spring of 1963, a return to its original half-hour format was a belated step in the right direction.He produced more than 70 teleplays between 1951-1955, most receiving very positive critical acclaim.Steven Yeun, of The Walking Dead fame, has been cast to star in an episode of the rebooted sci-fi anthology series.

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A reboot of the classic sci-fi anthology series is in the works for CBS.Watch Series - The Twilight Zone - Season 0 - The Twilight Zone was a popular American anthology series.What made The Twilight Zone such a revolutionary series was it was the first adult science fiction show.

The Twilight Zone is known for the weird, the macabe and the dark.

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No release date has been given yet for when it might be available on Netflix in South Korea, but here are some countries where it can be.

Reruns of the original Twilight Zone can be seen on the US Sci Fi channel.The Twilight Zone: The Complete First Season by Allen Reisner season 1 The Twilight Zone: The Complete Second Season by Boris Sagal season 2 The Twilight Zone: The Complete Third Season by Abner Biberman season 3 The Twilight Zone: The Complete Fourth Season by Abner Biberman season 4 The Twilight.The series consists of unrelated dramas depicting characters dealing with paranormal, futuristic, Kafkaesque, or otherwise disturbing or unusual events, following ordinary people as they find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations, which they each try to solve in a remarkable manner.TheTwilight Zone is getting another reboot, this time with a twist.

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It featured the same intro as the fourth season, but reverted to the original half-hour format.

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It was an anthology series that ran for five seasons between 1959 and 1964.The series was a collection of various tales that range from the tragic to the comedic.

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The Twilight Zone is an upcoming American anthology drama web television series, based on the original 1959 television series created by Rod Serling, that is set to premiere in 2019 on CBS All Access Contents.

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Of course, this is the only one of the series to have the opening voice-over performed by Serling.The network has partnered with video production startup Interlude to make an "interactive" live-action version of the classic...

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Bradbury hosted his own show similar to Rod Serling with the Twilight Zone.A state of surrealism, where things that should not make sense seem to do so.

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